European robotics manufacturer ABB will leave Russia

The Swedish-Swiss company ABB, a manufacturer of electrical and robotics, is leaving Russia, follows from a message on the website of a European company.

The decision is due to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, as well as the impact of sanctions. The company stopped taking new orders in the country immediately after the start of the military operation.

Most of the employees of the Russian division of ABB have been on vacation since the beginning of spring. The company promised to “do everything possible” to “support” them, in total we are talking about about 750 employees.

Production sites are located in the Moscow region and Lipetsk. Prior to the suspension of work, Russia accounted for approximately one to two percent of the annual revenue of the ABB group.

Due to the cessation of supplies by ABB in March, as well as the departure of the Danish manufacturer Kamstrup in Russia, there were concerns about a shortage of water and electricity meters.