Vice Chancellor of Germany considered the launch of Nord Stream 2 a white flag raising

Vice Chancellor of Germany, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek said that the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is categorically impossible, such an outcome would mean raising a white flag in Europe. His words are quoted by ZDF.

According to the politician, Berlin needs to find an alternative to Russian fuel so that Europe’s dependence on gas supplies from Russia does not increase.

Habek also warned against evaluating the resumption of Nord Stream 1 as a sign of reliability. The vice-chancellor stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly used gas supplies “for strategic purposes to divide Germany and Europe.”

On July 21, the pipeline operator Nord Stream AG announced that gas is again supplied to Europe through the territory of Germany. The gas pipeline was shut down for scheduled maintenance on July 11 in agreement with all parties involved. At the same time, even before this date, the pumping volumes were reduced: the Russian side explained this by the impossibility of returning the turbine from repair in Canada.